BucketGolf Rules

Bucket Golf shares all the same rules as golf or mini golf with one small add on.(Rule #3)

1. Every hole in Bucket Golf is a par 3, which means you have 3 shots to hit the bucket to get a par for every hole.

2. Each player is only allowed to use 1 club per game no switching allowed.

3. Hitting any part of the bucket completes the hole.  If you're able to chip your ball inside the bucket, instead of it hitting the outside you subtract one stroke from your score on that hole. (If you hit the flag stick but it never touches the bucket, that does not count).

4. If a player hits their ball into the foliage(bushes, water, plants etc) they must take a drop no closer to the hole from where the ball went out and a 1 stroke penalty.

5. At the end of the course, the player with the lowest score is the winner. (click here to see different game styles)