Have more fun with your friends


1. I have my own golf clubs, do I need to buy Bucket Golf special clubs?

You can use your own golf clubs if you have them we recommend using high irons between 6-Pitching wedge to play the game.  Our Bucketgolf clubs are 8 iron loft.


2. Do the buckets get knocked over in the wind?

No our buckets are pinned down to the ground by the flag sticks.  There's a small hole in the bottom of the bucket that the flag sticks go down into to prevent the bucket from moving. 


3. Can I buy a Bucket Golf set if I don't have a backyard?

Yes! A lot of Bucket Golf owners don't have a backyard and take the set with them to parks, beaches, or on vacations as it travels very easily.


4. What size are the balls?

The balls are a custom size and thickness designed for the game that are little bigger than a baseball.


5. How do I care for the equipment?

Bucketgolf can be played anywhere in almost any condition rain, snow, sun, heat etc.  We recommend storing the game indoors when not in use as the UV rays start to break down the materials over time.