1. I have my own golf clubs, do I need to buy Bucket Golf special clubs?

No,we encourage you to use you're own golf clubs if you have them. Bucket Golf clubs are golf clubs we offer for those who don't have clubs already but don't want to buy a full club set. 


2. Can I buy a Bucket Golf set if I don't have a backyard?

Yes! A lot of Bucket Golf owners don't have a backyard and take the set with them to parks, beaches, or on vacations as it travels very easily.


3. How do I care for the equipment?

We recommend setting up your course when you are ready to play, and put it away over night. Harsh weather can put wear and tear on the bucket golf set.


4. The Bucket Golf sets are for 4 players, can I play with more?

Of course! If you wish to play with more than 4 at a time you can go to our products page and get extra balls for you're set